Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Six Waistbeads.

I don't realize they're there, most times
But sometimes, when I'm not looking,
They creeps up on me
I look down and see

I have these pretty beads on my waist,
Adorning it
Black, yellow, red, and green
Calling my eyes to me
To me, my body.

These beads, say
"Hey! You're a little curvy.
Yes you're curvy and I like it"

and my face brightens

Only I get this feeling
And I get to blushing
Thinking about the definitions on this
This body.
My body.

I will eventually walk away from the mirror
But this time, I won't just walk.
No, no, walking got old
No, this time, there'll be a few springs in my steps
And swings to my hips

My waist will orchestrate a rhythmic dance each time
And my whole world will feel it
It'll be easier now,
And no wonder it'll come easy

It's a group effort afterall,
We'll make that swing
Left, and right and a jingle a step
Me, my little curves, and these six waistbeads.

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