Monday, February 18, 2013

Angel's gift.

I still search for you
In words.
In steps.
In opinions and characters.
I look under shirts.
In the teeth as lips part.
I with no shame at all, search
Like a its customs and you're contraband.

I claim not to bother. I say it makes sense. You're with another. She lives in there with you, your pod. You two belong together. I get that.

But my nails are long. And they love to claw. At dirt, searching...looking...hoping to find a golden beam like you. I still search for you. In every smile that comes my way. Hoping those hands that reach here have your prints. Hoping the words they speak are missing the perfect 'R's. I still search. In the tones. In corneas. In arms and in understanding. You become the epitome of a perfect being. Until I face that old reality. It fades in slowly. I remember. You were not 'it'. But you sure were damn near almost perfect. My closest yet.


I suppose by then I would know
And it would seem clear as day
Why time seems to pass by
Every time I wish it'd wait
And just slowly scroll by
Just when I wish it'd run.

I am afraid that by then
I would know the things
I do not know now
The right choices
and the wrongs
The right people
And the greatest lessons.

And love,
I'm afraid I might realize
It isn't what I hoped it was at all.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Its the feeling you get right then
Right before it starts to feel good
You anticipate
The beginning
Here it comes
A prelude to pleasure.

'Still cant write a love song for you'

Watch "Iva Lamkum - Why Do We Fall In Love? (Audio)" on YouTube

I met Iva's music today. D

Watch "Iva Lamkum - Doo Bop (Produced by P Money) (Official Video)" on YouTube

Damn! Dafuq had I been? She's genius!


...and then sometimes life carries me
To far places where I forget all my troubles
Everything seems acute.
Secondaries get forgotten
The time where "NeeeeeeXT!" substitutes "what is next?"
Where I forget things
Like checking the mirror,
Or drawing eye brows on
Speaking written words
And sadly, matters of the heart.

I forgot it all.
My body.

Till that morning when I am me,
And nakedly so,
And I see.

While I was busy living
I forgot about me.
I forgot about me.
The mirror? Still here.
My locks still sweep
Tone still deep
My nails chipped but we can't have it all
My body, even better than before.

Makes me want to do away with this mirror.
It seems as though all I need to do to look good
Is just live, mirror-free.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The No-nonsense Wife.

Sometime last week or so, this short movie got released and posted on Youtube. The story may be familiar to you. It was written by Abimbola Dare (Here is the link to the prose posted on BellaNaija's blog:

Henry Eruotor produced and directed the short movie and I must say, I'm impressed! Biased? Maybe, maybe not.

Here's the YT link: .

I played Toni in the movie and I must say, I had a great time doing that. G'head and watch it.

Comment, Share, and if you Like it, let it show ;-)

Any constructive criticisms??

Friday, February 8, 2013

We say hello.

But its not the same
We say hello
And soon begin to flow
You say its been a while
And I get shy
We talk a bit
It feels like it did
Like it did,
But its not the same.