Friday, May 17, 2013

Pony Ride Video

So the video for my spoken word poetry piece titled Pony Ride is out. Have a look and share your thoughts.


  1. Wow! another great piece from 'Onidada Osun'...So touching and inspiring how you feel free when u break-off from some 'shackled entrapment' called relationships....Well done!

    My take: As for the title? I got lost I was looking for d 'rider and d ridee' if there's any word like ridee...I guess the guy's d rider?
    And as for the guy? hope's he's got a day job? if not 'Gobe' Lolz!.......He couldn't play d role of a sober fella apoligising for his wrong doings, I bet he will never apologise like that in real life...he needs some polishing for the screen. well, as for me am 'thorough' pardon my criticism Mr Rider, as for 'Omodudu', ur awesome, ur role was brilliantly played, I bet you'd give them a chase in Nollywood, can't wait to start seeing ur movies. Cheers!

    1. Hey BCN and thanks for the input. The pony was Jane and the rider was Jason. Hence why Jane said 'you took me for a ride. I cried and you rode on still' and why she said 'I observed your twists. Watched your sillouette form as you blocked out the moon.' (This is about having sex in the moon light with him blocking out the moon in the process. This is also why she 'began to love seeing it disappear too...began to crave it still). She is referring to the emotional rollercoaster associated resulting from loving him and knowing that he is also loving others as well. I hope this helps. If you get a chance to, see the first 9 seconds of the clip where Jason was apologizing as though he knew she would easuly forgive him. He really didnt care much at all. Jason's words show that he really was not sorry at all. He said he was, but a person who is afraid of being caught would not so boldly save the other woman's
      number as 'Baby Boo'. Thanks again for your input.