Thursday, February 14, 2013


...and then sometimes life carries me
To far places where I forget all my troubles
Everything seems acute.
Secondaries get forgotten
The time where "NeeeeeeXT!" substitutes "what is next?"
Where I forget things
Like checking the mirror,
Or drawing eye brows on
Speaking written words
And sadly, matters of the heart.

I forgot it all.
My body.

Till that morning when I am me,
And nakedly so,
And I see.

While I was busy living
I forgot about me.
I forgot about me.
The mirror? Still here.
My locks still sweep
Tone still deep
My nails chipped but we can't have it all
My body, even better than before.

Makes me want to do away with this mirror.
It seems as though all I need to do to look good
Is just live, mirror-free.

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